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Beyond the Vanity Metrics

Thoughtful Logic is a collection of business intelligence insights, demos and products invented by Frank Py. Be sure to check out the new blog, as Frank will be reflecting on some real-world scenarios that might help you some day!

Tableau Public will be used to house the Tableau workbooks used for demonstration and the Tableau API demos and web based tools demos will be hosted on this site. All tools and Tableau workbooks were developed by Frank.


Helping Jean Kane du Pont Youth

Frank recently volunteered some time with Jean Kane du Pont Youth to help this organization understand juvenile crime trends in the metro Washington D.C. area. Du Pont is a non-profit committed to improving the outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system. The analytics goal for du Pont is to ultimately obtain data regarding juvenile case dispositions and possible links to juvenile crime trends.  Frank developed Tableau dashboards for du Pont using publicly available data from the metro D.C. police department. For more information, please visit Jean Kane du Pont Youth

For a video demonstration of how Frank incorporated these dashboards into the Tableau API, please visit this link: Video Demo


Executive Dashboard Concept for Retail


Frank's new executive YTD dashboard concept for retail combines sales, revenue and profit KPIs, target data, demographic data as well as executive alerts. Supplemental dashboards that link off the main dash will help identify many issues products may run into over their life-cycle.  Please visit  the live Tableau Public demo at this link: Demo