Tableau Desktop & Tableau API Development

We are professional Tableau consultants who specialize in custom dashboards, data visualization and business insights. Whether you own a version of Tableau or not, we can help you bring your data to life with this amazing analysis and visualization tool. We are also Tableau API development experts who can help you go beyond the boundaries of Tableau Desktop. The Tableau API will allow you to integrate interactive visualizations within your website and increase consumer engagement. There are several Tableau versions and platforms available. If you are not sure which one is the best for you, let us help by explaining the distinctions between the products so you can make an informed decision.

Crystal Reports & Financials

Crystal Reports is the pixel-perfect industry standard reporting platform optimized for printing and PDF export. This platform is ideal for accounting reports and financial statements. We are experienced with customized general ledger, general journal, trial balance, balance sheets, credit card batch statements, inventory, income statements, cash flow, retained earnings and commission reports. We are the Crystal Reports experts and have been developing professionally with the product since 2003. Whether you need existing reports modified or need entirely new reports developed, we can help you with all your Crystal Reports needs.

SQL Server

We specialize in new database design to support data analytics and data warehousing. We are also experienced with the SQL Server business intelligence stack including SQL Server Reporting Services and Integration Services for all your ETL needs.

Data Analytics

We pride ourselves on helping our customers with professional data analytics services. Our 'Thoughtful' approach to analytics will lead to actionable insights for your business. We first understand your goals, and then recommend several options for you to consider. 

Data Warehouse Design

Maybe you've found you need better control over transaction level tracking for audit purposes or just want better reporting from your sales history, Thoughtful Logic has over 15 years experience in data warehouse design using Kimball methodologies.

MS Access and MS Excel Conversions

Are you tired of manually updating data? Do you feel your hitting some walls with your existing investment in MS Office applications? One of our most popular services is helping companies migrate from Excel and Access to a more robust solution. Perhaps you need more office automation and the executive decision support that only a enterprise-level platform can offer for your growing business. Let's discuss solutions that can propel your business to the next level and fit your budget.


Tableau Training - a Different Approach

We don't provide "one size fits all" training. We provide customized Tableau training that is specific to your industry, data and business needs. We also provide customized training materials as an option. Online fully customized training sessions are designed to fit you and your teams schedule and budget.

Executive Dashboard Specialists

 We have extensive experience creating concise yet informative executive level dashboards to support your senior leadership team. Let’s discuss your goals. Please use our  Contact page or call to speak with one of our business intelligence specialists.  

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